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Posted in BPP Blog

I don’t recommend any specific hosting services. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

It’s not that they’re all bad. They are definitely a service that can make or break a development experience. A great hosting service provides 24 hour service, has little if any down-time and provides unlimited band-width, unlimited storage and unlimited email addresses.

The problem is, they ALL claim to do that. Yet, obviously that’s not possible. No company can offer all of those things on  an unlimited basis.

I called a hosting service, just to see what they’d say when called to define “Unlimited storage”.  When put to the test, I was told that the issue is that “you can have as much space as you need in the context of actual use on your website.”

Essentially this means that  you can only host as many images as you’re willing to display on a webpage. So you’re not allowed to just use your site as an online storage facility. Fair enough…but what about bandwidth? Can I post full-length movies in 1080p Hi-def format and let the world watch as many of them as they please? Once again, the answer is no. The use of bandwidth for video distribution is limited.

So, in the end..there are limitations to unlimited programs. C’mon, you knew there were didn’t you?

I don’t recommend any hosting service because I don’t want to have to answer for their marketing deceptions, their failure to meet ‘up-time guarantees’ or their inexplicable loss of emails.I don’t want someone who could ultimately fail you to be someone I referred to you.  This way, there is no cause to be suspicious of my motives for promoting one and not another. Now, we both know that I don’t get referral bonuses, free hosting or any other affiliate compensation.

I’ll give you a list of names of place that I have used in the past. Ones that can handle your web hosting needs and have prices I consider fair and reasonable…but that’s not an endorsement…it’s just a qualification. How do you pick the best one? If I knew, I don’t know that I’d tell you!