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About Us

Bill Perry Productions is a diverse collection of coders, designers, videographers/photographers, visual artists and musicians, working together to create unique, purposeful projects for our clients.

Started by Bill Perry in the late 90’s, we have created a wide variety of websites, Flash elements, stores, and web applications for the entertainment, financial, and medical industries. With entertainment clients ranging from Wes Craven to John Tesh we’ve created sites that not only satisfied the owner’s functional needs but managed to project their personality as well.

We’ve created projects for the financial and healthcare fields that were groundbreaking in their effort to enable the site to respond to each viewer on an individual basis. Each experience was treated as an individual event and the content that was delivered was dictated by the viewer’s choices and patterns of behavior.

Of course, not every project requires a new milestone of technology, yet we maintain our commitment to creating the most functional sites possible. Long before the advent of WordPress, Joomla! and the other Content Management Systems, we created our own CMS. A system designed to allow non-technical staff to maintain and update their website as often as they wished without being tethered to an expensive web developer. That’s standard stuff now…but it was pretty heady territory 10 years ago. As testament to it’s durability, there are still a number of sites using our original code nearly 10 years later without any alterations to the source code.

We’ve always adapted to the coming trends and technologies and where it is impossible for any one person to be fluent in all technologies, we’ve expanded our base of developers and artists to accommodate our client’s needs. We’ve produced  3D animated films and multi-camera film shoots. We can build with XML XSL,HTML5 and jQuery, ASP.Net  with SQL Server or PHP with mySQL. In short, we’ve got your back in all things technology and marketing.

We do our work with the sole purpose of taking your message and your aesthetic to digital media. Our goal is to create products that are unique to you because their created from your individual inspirations.

Let us know what we can build for you.



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