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Not New, But Improved

Posted in BPP Blog

This is our new and improved Blog!!!

Yeah…I know. Who cares? In a world full of self-described experts (some of them accurately so), what can I hope to offer?

Sometimes, the beauty of the creative lies more in the method or the tools that you build with. It’s more than just the craftsman, it’s understanding the art behind it. I know full-well, that somewhere out there is someone who can build a more powerful, faster, brighter, louder…thing. There’s always someone out there that has a higher pedigree, a more intricately coded program or a more elaborate animation.

At Bill Perry Productions we put our greatest emphasis on solving problems. If you’re lagging behind your competitors in search engine ranking, you’ve got a problem. If you’re website is clunky, outdated and hard to navigate, you’ve got a problem. If the social media boom blew right past you, you’ve got a problem. These problems are daunting to most people. They all sound so technical, complicated, and involve technology that is both new and time-consuming to create. This is where we come in. Now, your problem is our problem. Fortunately, we can help in ways you probably hadn’t thought of.

Bill Perry Production specializes in understanding the vast array of media types and development solutions to solve problems. We can help because we understand what’s available, possible and practical. Businesses live by their budgets, just like we do, and we understand the need for plannable costs and scalable projects.

In the portfolio section of this site we’ve posted some case studies that illustrate not only the beauty of our designs but our deep understanding our client’s needs and how to give them more than what they asked for because they didn’t know what was possible.

Look around. If you’ve got questions, give us a call at 818.209.9447