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Manis And Ryan

  • Client: Manis And Ryan

Manis and Ryan are a company that specializes in helping health care companies detangle the jumble of forms and procedures that is necessary to bill Medicare.  It’s a daunting task to be sure and they’re ALWAYS busy .

Their website was out-dated, not very functional and just didn’t show them to be the nation-wide resource that they are. So, they bit the bullet, and decided to carve out some time to do the site.

To give them the functionality they needed quickly we put them into the Ittrium Content Management System. This gave us full functionality from day one as well as greatly decreased the amount of time we would have had to spend building pages.

We created some custom banners, built forms and re-wrote the site from scratch in about a month, all while they prepared for their busiest time of the year.

With the new site looking this good…it looks like they’re gonna be staying busy year round.

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