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Taking traditionally in-person training, to the online universe.

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Emerging Soft

Didn’t we just build this site? Yeah, just about a year ago. Well, fashions change and so must the site. The new design incorporated some of the existing look and feel, but gave it a…

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California Psychological Institute, Fresno

CPI Fresno had an outdated look to their site, but more importantly they recognized that their site wasn’t doing everything it could to make their work more productive.

Utilizing the Ittrium Content Management System meant that they could accept data online which saves a lot of typing, spelling errors and confusion.

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Hallmark Business Connections

Rewarding good employees is good business. It keeps them motivated, keeps costs down and creates a productive atmosphere.

Conveying that friendliness and creating an understanding of that value was the task at hand. The Ittrium Content Management System was the tool to do just that.

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M Industrial Design

M Industrial Design

M Industrial Design creates wonderful things. Things you probably have around your house. They’ve had a hand in developing iconic products and packaging that you’d recognize anywhere as well as crazy-cool, exotic, high-tech machines and…

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Manis And Ryan

Manis and Ryan are a company that specializes in helping health care companies detangle the jumble of forms and procedures that is necessary to bill Medicare.  It’s a daunting task to be sure and they’re…

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Thinking each project through, for every client.

This website serves as our portfolio, blog, and sketch pad for multimedia and marketing projects.

Our goal is to create website and digital media that really expresses who you are and what you have to offer to your audience. Whether you're selling products online, attracting new customers to you brick and mortar business or just trying to get noticed, we have the skills, staff, expertise and experience to bring your message to the the media.

We believe that what sets Bill Perry Productions apart from the pack is our genuine enthusiasm for creating something that improves our client's way of operating. Whether we automate tasks, integrate content management or just give a site a long-needed facelift, we take it very personally. We want you to be excited about your marketing materials so that you're proud to offer them to new clients.

Our talented team of developers and designers utilize the most cutting-edge tools and software to create the marketing tools that you need, but we also have the experience and skills to maintain older websites that remain useful without the need for new technology.

Please review the projects in my portfolio to see how we've created websites and digital media that made an impact on our client's exposure. If you like what you see, drop us a line or give us a call. 818.209.9447

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Additional Recent Work

Not New, But Improved

This is our new and improved Blog!!! Yeah…I know. Who cares? In a world full of self-described experts (some of them accurately so), what can I hope to offer? Sometimes, the beauty of the creative…

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Google Antics

As a company that does a lot of work building sites that are designed to ‘feed’ search engines everything they want so that we can get good ranking…Google makes us crazy! Why? Aren’t they just…

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You’ve Been Served!

I don’t recommend any specific hosting services. I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s not that they’re all bad. They are definitely a service that can make or break a development experience. A…

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My site is down.

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the irritating, Caller: Help! My site is down. Me: Lemme check . I’m looking at the site now, and…

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The Fabeled Land of “Page One”

You see that SEO spam day after day. Is it wrong to long for something more? Promises of increased sales, streams of traffic, and the elusive “page one placement”. There is this notion that being…

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